Conventional Water Softeners



Treats cold water

Operational cost


Total installation time  


Space needed for the 
Water softener 


Scale Treatment 

Changes water composition adding Sodium. 

No, only the hot water is treated

Salt has to be added on regularly.

Salt, electricity and increased water  consumption (Regeneration Process, 
between 55 to 400 liters per week)

Needs to be installed by a licensed 
Plumber (A competent handyman could do it)

1 to 2 Hours (depending on experience)

Depending on manufacturer, standard one year

About 1.5 m high, .5 m depth, 5 m wide (60"x 20"x20") 

Unfriendly (uses lots of water and salt) 

No, the scale already in your system   will remain there

Does not change water composition.

Works on both hot and  cold  water 

Maintenance Free.

Electricity, less than $3.00 per year

Not needed.

5 minutes for anybody that can use a screwdriver.

3 years replacement.

Mounts on the pipe that feeds the Hot Water tank or Boiler.

Very friendly, the green alternative.

Yes, scale already in the system will dissolve over time
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