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Water Soft Canada Retails the whole line of Hydroflow Products

Green solution for your Hard Water Problem

Hydroflow has the best Technology for the prevention and removal of scale. For your appliances, hot water tank or boiler, and in general your whole house water system, hot and cold. The Hydroflow HS-38 provides a hard water solution for your hard water problem.


Compare the side labels on the two units, HC44 and HS38, same Input, same Power, same manufacturer, equals same Unit, just different label. HC44 $650.00 = HS38 $269.00

The Hydropath Patented Technology .generates a variable frequency pulse that travels through the water dissolving and preventing the formation of scale.​

The HS38 bought form us comes with a 110-120 Volts CSA approved wall power adapter ready to plug in any regular power outlet in the US and Canada.


​(click link for the answer)Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not satisfied with the results, after the first 90 days and before the the first year after your purchase, ship it back to us, we will refund 100% of your purchased price.

* Note: Water Soft Canada is an independent importer and Retailer of Hydroflow products. Any product bought from us, will have the exact same performance and warranties as the one bought from the official dealer. The only big difference is the price..

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