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Who is Water Soft Canada?

​ WATER SOFT CANADA is an independent importer and retailer of Hydropath UK products. The manufacturer calls us “Unauthorized Resellers”, this gives us total freedom to sell anywhere in the world without any restrictions. 

Our warranty is direct replacement of any defective product.

 Water Soft Canada was contacted by Hydropath Holdings with an offer to become an Authorized Dealer, our answer was "NO", the reason was that we would lose our independence to sell all over the world at FAIR PRICES regardless of the country of residence of the buyer.

 Many times we are asked the same question "How can we sell the same product manufactured by the same company for the prices we sell them" The simple answer is that we charge Fair Prices. If a buyer could import the product from the UK, the price would be more or less the same price we sell the units for. 

 Hydropath “Authorized Dealers” can be found at the following link 

 The list shows dealers per country or area of the world. Each dealer can only sell within its area or territory. For example if a USA buyer finds a Hydroflow product for half the price outside the USA, when he contacts the foreign “Authorized Dealer”, he will be told “we are sorry, you have to contact the USA dealer”. The price is set by the USA dealer, no competition, which is unfair for the consumer.

 The products that we sell are the original ones manufactured by Hydropath Holdings in the UK, every component is the original one packeged by Hydropath UK. 

 WATER SOFT CANADA has been an unauthorized reseller of Hydroflow products since 2010. 

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