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Why Hydropath is the best technology?

Because Hydropath is an electronic water conditioner  that works inducing a longitudinal electrical pulse that travels through the water in both directions treating the whole system hot and cold water.

Is Hydroflow a better option than conventional water softeners? 

Yes, our hard water solution is greener, better for our environment because it doesn't waste water in the regeneration process as conventional water softeners do (between 55 to 400 liters per week).

Do I need a professional plumber to install the HS38?

No, it does not require any plumbing work to be installed. The only tool needed is a screwdriver.

If I analyze the water before it is treated and after, will I find any difference?


No, the composition of the water is exactly the same. 

Is the treated water healthier with Hydropath treatment than with conventional Water Softeners?

Yes, all the minerals (like Calcium) that are good for you remain in the water, in conventional water softeners; salt is added to the water to replace the Calcium.

What is the difference between Hydropath Technology and coil or magnetic systems?

In coil systems, an electromagnetic field will act on the water that is going through the pipe. That magnetic field is only present within the ends of the coil; and very little effect is propagating through the water. The same applies to magnets. If the water is stationary, like in a hot water tank, or when the water is not running, the treatment starts fading out after 30 minutes.  With Hydropath, the water is being treated all the time as the electric pulse travels through the water in the pipe. 

What is the best position to install the HS38?

As it is solid state technology, it can be installed in any position. It is important to make sure that you always have a clear view of the light to know that it is working. Click to see installation of the HS38 

​Hydroflow products can be installed anywhere as long as it is on the cold water pipe that feeds the hot water tank or boiler.

Can the Hydroflow HS38 be installed on any type of pipes?

Yes, the electric pulse will be induced and will travel through the water regardless of the type of pipe, plastic, lead, iron, stainless steel, etc.

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